By carefully designing and planning each element, SassiPro helps you in every step of the way to create your film.

Storyboard: SassiPro strives to offer film directors, cinematographers, and advertisers a visual layout of events as they are seen through the camera lense.

Locations: We help find appropriate and viable locations that translate the writers and the director's visions.

We offer a full range of multi-language interpreting and translation services, including voice-over and subtitles.

Besides the United States, SassPro can assist you in Latin America ? namely Argentina, as well as in Europe ? especially Italy, France and Spain, in addition to North Africa ? chiefly Tunisia and Morocco.


SassiPro offers a unique approach to production, one which has the flexibility to accommodate overlapping responsibilities that often occur during the production of a film.


In our studio, the video/film is assembled by professional editors who assist you to choose your workflow variants. We also offer production for titles and graphics.